Do women fake female sexual dysfunction?

Some women suffer from female sexual dysfunction i.e. low sex drive to indulge in sexual activities

Physical causes such as nerve damage, blood vessel damage, low oestrogen levels, alcohol, recreational drugs, smoking and endocrine disorders are known to decrease the sexual desire of a woman. Likewise, psychological causes such as anxiety, stress, anger and guilt, poor self-image arising out of relationship difficulties or weight gain can affect a woman’s arousal and decrease the libido. These scientific factors are majorly responsible for a woman’s sexual dysfunction.

Female sexual dysfunctionSince women, as studies reveal, fake their orgasms mostly, the sexual dissatisfaction leaves a deep impact on her desire for sex. Another bizarre but less discussed factor is woman faking the female sexual dysfunction condition itself. Though it might not be due to lack of sexual desire, it might be a tool to avoid intimacy with a partner. The reasons could be plenty such as poor relationship with a partner, vengeance, dissatisfaction due to sexual under-performance and more. In such cases, the women do not suffer from the conventional physical and psychological causes of female sexual dysfunction. This can leave the partner as well as the medical experts in a fix to determine the cause of the condition.

Women are known to be complicated human beings and each and every woman reacts differently to sexual stimulation. Each woman gets aroused and stimulated by different techniques and there is no specific procedure which can be commonly used to stimulate every woman. These varied factors make it extremely difficult to determine the root cause or set of causes of female sexual dysfunction.

Do birth control pills cause female sexual dysfunction?

Birth control pills are designed to protect reproductive age women from unwanted pregnancy caused by unprotected sex. They can be taken orally, are easily available, are more affordable and have a high success rate of protection against pregnancy. These peculiar attributes have helped contraceptive pills to become the best contraception technique in the world. The shortcomings of earlier forms of contraception such as vaginal rings, condoms and intrauterine devices combined were overcome by birth control pills to achieve the cult status of the best contraception globally. The topmost position in any field is always challenged continuously – with true facts as well as delusionary beliefs. Birth control pills were criticized for the increasing female sexual dysfunction in women using these pills.

Female sexual dysfunction is the sexual activeness measure of a woman. The causes of female sexual dysfunction can be physical or psychological. Women are complex in nature and their urge for sex is a more complicated topic. The complication of a woman’s sex life is due to several unknown factors and their variation among the female community itself. Certain elements or factors which have been found common among women suffering from female sexual dysfunction include low oestrogen levels, nerve damage, smoking, blood vessel damage, anxiety, recreational drugs, guilt, stress or anger.

Contraceptive pills change the hormonal balance of the body to prevent unwanted pregnancy. They produce mild side effects such as nausea or headache. Reports collected across the world from women using birth control pills do not show any signs of reduced sex drive in women. The birth control pills or their side effects do not indirectly or directly affect the sex drive in women.

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