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Kamagra 100mg - the quality of the original product for low price

The most popular generic of Viagra will not allow any man to stay indifferent. Kamagra 100mg is an analog that for a couple of years have became as much popular as other original preparations for potency. It is hard to find a man in Europe with erectile disorder who does not know about this great remedy.

Kamagra characteristics make her a perfect preparation for potency:

  • It works from 4 to 6 hours
  • Recovers normal erection in 30 minutes after taking
  • Absolutely secure for human body and does not cause pathologies after prolonged use

Kamagra became a standard of quality for all generic preparations. The medicine for erectile disorders treatment does not differ from original drugs, except its price. Viagra generic is as much effective and secure for health as the original preparation for potency. So why do you have to pay more, if you can buy Kamagra 100mg at affordable price?

Important medical information about Kamagra 100mg

Most Europeans have strong prejudice to cheap medicines for potency. Their doubts are clear, because saving money on medicines can lead to harming their health.

Kamagra is a nice exception to the rule. If you read the preparation reviews, you will be sure in its effectiveness and quality. That’s why there is no risk for health in buying Kamagra 100mg, plus you will save some cash.

What’s in the composition?

In contrast to many other generics, Kamagra does not contain harmful substances. When they create the preparation they use only approved component called sildenafil. It positively influences on man’s genitals providing readiness for sex for a couple of hours.

How does Kamagra 100mg work?

The action of Kamagra is identical to the action of original Viagra:

  • It activates blood circulation within the body and makes it flow to the genitals.
  • It relaxes penis vessels and provides good blood flow
  • Has a positive effect on penis muscles, and helps to get rid of discomfort during long sexual intercourse.

How effective is the preparation?

Kamagra 100mg guarantees the recover of normal erection in more than 95% of cases. If you have never tried medicines with sildenafil before, the first intake may not give any effect because the human body needs time to adjust to the active component. The further intakes of Kamagra will definitely bring your sexual power back.


You can’t take Kamagra 100mg if you suffer from serious diseases of cardiovascular system (if you had a stroke or ischaemic heart disease, or tachycardia, etc). It is also not recommended to take Kamagra in case:

  • You have serious  hepatic deficiency
  • Have a treatment course based on medicines containing nitrates
  • You are allergic to preparation components

Also, it is forbidden to combine Kamagra 100mg with other potency preparations. Simultaneous intake of two different preparations for erectile disorders treatment will cause additional stress on cardiovascular system and can harm your health.

Food and alcohol compatibility

Fatty food and alcohol drinks contain substances that prevent the uptake of Kamagra 100mg by the human body. Too much of these will slow down the influence of the medicine, but will not affect the effectiveness.

Buying Kamagra you don’t have to limit yourself with eating your favorite food.

Side effects

Sometimes taking Kamagra 100mg can cause unpleasant feelings, like:

  • Pain in joints
  • Vertigo and migraine
  • Rhinitis
  • Dyspepsia
  • Vision disorders

Fortunately, the possibility of side effects appearance is low. If you buy Kamagra 100mg, you can be sure that your nights will be extremely pleasant.

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