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Yasmin birth control pills

Yasmin pills are oral contraceptive pills containing two active ingredients ethinylestradiol and drospirenone. These active ingredients are basically the synthetic duplicate of oestrogen and progesterone respectively.

Menstrual Cycle

In a female’s body with normal menstrual cycle the level of hormones keep changing during the month. These hormones that keep developing in the female body releases an egg in the womb and prepare the female’s womb for a possible pregnancy by developing the lining of the womb etc. If the pregnancy does not happen, or the egg that was released in the whole month during changing levels of hormones the egg does not get fertilized and the lining formed during the month sheds out in the form of menstruation or period.

Function of Yasmin Contraceptive

The Yasmin pills contains hormones trick the body such that, no ovulation or no releasing of egg happens. It tricks the body that ovulation has already happened which actually never occurred thus preventing egg from ripening every month. Also these hormones thicken the line of mucus on the womb thus making it difficult for the sperm to enter the womb and also the fertilized egg will not be likely to get implanted on the womb.

Usefulness of Yasmin Pills

Yasmin Pills intake makes the periods lighter, regular and less painful and hence is recommended to women with irregular and painful periods.

How To Intake?

Each pill has the same amount of hormones in it. One Yasmin tablet is taken every day till 21 days and then no intake of pill for the next seven days thus decreasing the level of hormones in the female body breaking down into periods. After the seven days when you don’t take pills, even if your periods are going on, you have start with another course of Yasmin medication.

When to intake first?

One should start having this pill on the first day of the period. If you have a short cycle of menstruation, you can intake medication from the fifth day of your menstruation cycle. If you are sure of not being pregnant you can start having the pill at any time of the month in your cycle.

If you have given birth to a child and you are not breast feeding the new born yet, then you can intake the pill after 21 days of the birth. You shall immediately come out of the risk of pregnancy and also will not need to employ other methods of contraception.

If you miss taking a pill ot two in the whole course, being Yasmin you shall still remain protected from the unwanted pregnancy but make it a point that you take it as soon as you remember it and then continue taking it just as you take normally. If you have missed three pills then you are not protected against pregnancy, then you should either avoid having sex or else use other ways of contraception.


If you vomit in two hours of intake of the pill then the pill will not be taken up in your blood and should take another pill to cover the consequences.

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