How to delay ejaculation - plus two great tips for sensational stamina

How to delay ejaculation for a truly lasting sex enjoyment - plus two great tips for sensational stamina

How to delay ejaculationAre you feeling frustrated because you lack sexual stamina? Do you want to know how to delay ejaculation because your ejaculation comes too soon, making you feel completely embarrassed about it? Are you worried that your partner seeks sexual pleasures somewhere else simply because you fail to perform in bed? If your answer to all of the above questions is yes, then fret not. You are NOT alone in this way of feeling. In actual fact, up to 40% of men suffer regularly from premature ejaculation. What a good company you are in my friend!

But you don’t have to allow things to remain the same. I will tell you specific things to do to get improvement in your staying power and put a stop on premature ejaculation. The two tips below will give us a quick insight into the situation.

Tip Number 1: It is OKAY to stop when “the point of no return” approaches

You don’t need to rush yourself during intercourse. Do it slowly and enjoy the whole session. A lot of men rush through intercourse and later ask themselves why they just can’t stop climaxing too soon. It is possible to delay your ejaculation.

A correlation exists between the speed with which you pump and the duration in which you climax. Nerves on your penis glans are very sensitive, therefore when you penetrate too quickly the nerves become over-stimulated. What you should do is to stop all your movement as soon as you feel “the point of no return” approaching.

You may need to have some practice to be able to do it right, and you may experience accidental spillage. That’s alright because with sufficient practice, you will learn the exact time to stop. As the arousal reduces by a few notches and you take control again, penetration may be resumed. If this technique of how to delay ejaculation is insufficient, the move on to the next advice below!

Tip Number 2: Muscular Relaxation

Do you feel your buttocks, thighs, abs and pelvis muscles start to tighten and get tensed up as your orgasm approaches? To halt an ejaculation, you should attempt to relax those muscles completely.

Pay close attention to the pelvis muscle as it is the most important one, especially the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. It is the one that is responsible for the direct governance of ejaculation and the duration in which you last during intercourse. Certain exercises like Kegels can assist you to strengthen this set of muscles and bring significant improvement to your ability to relax them thereby preventing an early ejaculation.

Since men are in general are strongly wired to ejaculate quickly, it may feel counter-intuitive the first time to relax your core muscles completely during intercourse. However, the more practice you have, the more easily it will turn into your second nature.

If you apply the right strategy, you can completely and naturally reverse premature ejaculation without needing to depend on those commercial pills, sprays and creams. If you start with the above 2 tips, you will attain a dramatic improvement on how to delay ejaculation and in your sexual stamina!

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