Improve sex drive by boosting libido

Pleasing a woman is a challenging task and to please her sexually can be more daunting

The situation worsens if the woman is suffering from female sexual dysfunction. A person’s desire for sexual activity or sex drive is referred to as the libido of a person. Libido plays a crucial role in the sex life of a person. Since libido is an inherent attribute, it varies considerably from one person to another. Also, libido is deeply influenced by psychological, social and biological components, making it very difficult to standardize.

Improve sex driveA characteristic so varied becomes very volatile to measure. This makes the resulting condition of female sexual dysfunction complicated to deal with. The known and proven facts related to libido, though the reasons behind their success are unknown, make it easier to deal with low sex drive of a woman. Evidently, a harmonious bond among the psychological, social and biological components can increase the libido of a woman considerably. Identifying the lagging element of libido, understanding the causes behind the lag and employing effective ways to overcome the lag is an effective approach for treating female sexual dysfunction.

Eliminating psychological factors such as stress, maintaining the biological factors like the testosterone level in the body and balancing the social factors such as work and family can help to overcome all the factors reducing the libido of a woman. Boosting the libido can show positive effects on the sex drive and overcome female sexual dysfunction condition of a woman to improve her sex life to a great extent.

Dearth of orgasms can cause female sexual dysfunction

Women are complex human beings and their body functions are equally complicated. Generalizing women especially in matters of sex is incorrect. Each woman responds differently to sexual arousals and sexual activities. There is no certainty to it which results in a uniqueness among women themselves. A previous situation if replicated to the core can still expect a completely different reaction from the same woman. This high degree of uncertainty makes it difficult to understand the sexual needs of a woman. However, one common denominator has been found quite common among women suffering from a lack of sexual desire – lack of orgasms or we can say lack of an orgasm.

Scientific and medical studies have revealed that most women do not experience an orgasm at all. It is also known that orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone stands almost negligible chance of orgasm for a woman. Also, women on an average take almost 20 minutes to experience an orgasm whereas a man can reach his climax in almost two minutes. This huge difference in time to reach their respective climaxes can be a very decisive reasoning on why most women never experience an orgasm. Since the man reaches his orgasm much earlier than the woman, the woman remains unsatisfied. Generally, this happens in most cases and very frequently.

This creates a psyche about physical dissatisfaction and lowers her sex drive considerably over time and a general lack of desire of sexual activities. All these factors manifest into female sexual dysfunction and the woman loses interest in sex.

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