How to prevent premature ejaculation

Know 4 Myths that can kill Your Sexual Stamina in Bed!

How to prevent premature ejaculationAre you tired of getting embarrassed any time your ejaculation comes too soon while you’re having intercourse? Would you rather wish you last longer in bed and make your woman reach an orgasm prior to when you yourself do? Certainly you do! As a matter of fact more than 75 percent of men want to have power to stay longer and learn how to prevent premature ejaculation. If you are one of such men then you are urged to first of all learn the following 4 myths concerning premature ejaculation(PE) and destroy your quick ejaculation problems for life!

First Myth: Premature ejaculation is an incurable sexual disease

Even though premature ejaculation has been revealed clinically as a sexual disorder, it is by no means an illness or a disease. Many things can cause premature ejaculation, but the most important ones have been identified as psychological issues. As a matter of fact, if you properly condition and re-educate yourself, it will be easy for you to you to reverse life-long ejaculation dysfunctions that sprang up right from younger ages when your very own sexuality was first discovered.

Second Myth: “Distraction techniques” can be used to last longer while having intercourse

This is true in certain circumstances and untrue in others. There are some men who find thinking about something different from sex as a method of how to prevent premature ejaculation and preventing themselves from getting arousal too early. However, we should not consider this as a perfect solution because it is a great distraction from real sex enjoyment. The real truth is that as you get more and more practice, you can attain the full love-making splendor of and achieve amazing control of your ejaculation simultaneously.

Third Myth: Ejaculating in less than 2 minutes means that you are a sufferer of premature ejaculation

This is actually a subjective statement. We can classify men as premature ejaculators when we observe that they cannot last longer than two minutes in bed on consistently. However if a man can bring his partner to an orgasm within two minutes, then he is actually not a sufferer of premature ejaculation! What matters is whether or not the woman involved is satisfied during the intercourse. If she’s really fulfilled even in quick sex sessions, then he is better than most other guys in his sexual performance!

Fourth Myth: Use pills as the best treatment for early ejaculation problems

Even though there are some men who have claimed that certain pills add some hours to their sexual endurance, no real evidence exists to prove this. In actual fact, no FDA-approved commercial drug exists as a proven medication for boosting your stamina in bed. Because PE is mainly as a result of psychological underpinnings, natural conditioning or behavioral methods that trigger ejaculation mentally are the best methods of how to prevent premature ejaculation permanently.

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